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Change the Reachability Settings on behalf of another user

Looking to easily change the Reachability Settings on behalf of another user in Skype for Business? colima Remeo is the solution!

With Remeo, any authorized user can easily change the Skype for Business Presence status, Personal Note and the Call Forwardings Settings of a colleague - without being an admin.
  • Seamless integration into Skype for Business Client with the same look & feel
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Flexible permission management
  • All changes can be made on the user level - no admin needed
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Round off your Skype for Business!

Cerebro is a very easy to use, server-centric application for Microsoft Skype for Business. It extends Microsoft Skype for Business, previously missing, but very popular features such as Boss/Admin, Rule based call forwarding, BusyOnBusy or Universal Call Pickup. Cerebro also offers entirely new, smart productivity-enhancing functions.

Skype for Business users can use the features, simple and intuitive, on various devices including pc, smartphones or tablets.
  • Only one product instead of many tools
  • Native Skype for Business technology  = 100% compatible with Small Footprint
  • Easy and intuitive to use and administer
  • Simple license model
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Customize Skype for Business Routing - simple, quick and safe.
And now completely free!

With SimpleRoute, incoming audio and video calls and instant messages can also be redirected or blocked depending on the origin and the content of the message.
  • Create enhanced routing configurations in minutes rather than hours
  • Script-based - no installation, no third party software on the Skype for Business Server
  • "clean" interface - The Skype for Business Server is not affected by any external application
  • No programming skills required
  • FREE of charge!
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